Welcome to the web home of the "Virtual Strangers" bluegrass band, celebrating over 12 years of playing great bluegrass music in San Diego.   If you've stopped here, you must be looking for Bluegrass music or a Bluegrass Band in San Diego.  You can contact us at or 858-679-1225.  If you've stumbled on us by accident have a look, you might have need for a bluegrass band someday.   If you go to "who we are" you will find a bio.   On the newsletter page you will find a schedule where you can hear us live.  Thanks again for visiting.  Our motto is "Have Band, Will Travel, Somewhat."  And remember "Semper Gumby" (Always Flexible).  The Virtual Strangers are all members in good standing of the San Diego Bluegrass Society.  We perform at different venues in and around San Diego, Ca. and neighboring states.. You can find some youtube videos on the internet at,, or by typing in virtualstrangersbluegrass.